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Re: Molding of pinna for dummy head

Good day, my name is Martin Bland, I have been following the audio list for some time. I first logged on looking for info on Binaural beats and brain entrainment but no one was able to assist.

Anyway, I am an artist. If you arent able to find a way to make your pinna mold, I would be happy to assist or answer questions as I have experience in making molds.

If you are just looking for info, try cementex in NY, they do a latex for mask making etc. I have used their products, pretty good. I am not sure if they have a web site but their catalogue gives a basic run through of how it is done. With photos to boot.

Feel free to contact me directly if you are looking for a low tech alternative to Laser Modeling.


Martin Bland

>From: "Benjamin, Eric"
>Reply-To: "Benjamin, Eric"
>Subject: Molding of pinna for dummy head
>Date: Thu, 4 Dec 2003 09:20:06 -0800
>Dear List,
>I am in the process of constructing a dummy head, and I would like to be
>able to make molds from my own ears and others' ears, and use them on
>the dummy head.  Can someone on the list tell me how to do this, or
>refer me to a publication that tells how to do it?
>Eric Benjamin
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