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Molding of pinna for dummy head

You will find instructions for making pinna molds at 


As a previous correspondent has hinted, this is a craft skill and
requires patience dedication and love.

Best of Luck!

Ray Meddis

> Date:    Thu, 4 Dec 2003 09:20:06 -0800
> From:    "Benjamin, Eric" <EMB@DOLBY.COM>
> Subject: Molding of pinna for dummy head
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> Dear List,
> I am in the process of constructing a dummy head, and I would 
> like to be
> able to make molds from my own ears and others' ears, and use them on
> the dummy head=2E  Can someone on the list tell me how to do this, or
> refer me to a publication that tells how to do it?
> Eric Benjamin