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Re: Generating sine waves with Winsound


Could you perhaps try Gaussian pulses, instead? In MATLAB, this would not
be a problem. Alternatively, you may try and empirically correct for some
frequency dependent phase shift in the acoustic chain.

Nonetheless I guess, one always hears something like a click in response to
a sudden onset of any sound pressure waveform because perception includes
not just rather sluggish cortical but also rapid SOC response.

In alt.sci.physics.acoustics, I just tried to explain my somewhat unusual
but hopefully plausible point of view concerning some main basics of
hearing. Look for the thread 12.12.03, Chris Woods: Physics, Oscilloscopes
and the Guitar A Note. Anybody may ask me for a copy of my manuscript "The
natural spectrogram: "No arbitrary window, no trade-off" as well as for a
related powerpoint presentation, also in English. Those who read German may
benefit from my DAGA'03 (Aachen) articles: "Neues zu Hoerphaenomenen und
-mechanismen" and "Mathematik und akustische Realitaet". Among FCT and
cepstrum stuff you will find my explanation why both Peter Cariani and
Christian Kaernbach were correct in their extensive dispute on
autocorrelation. Hopefully, I will be able to resume my unjamming forum on
Auditory Function soon:

Good luck and a Happy New Year,
Eckard Blumschein
(living near to a 7 Tesla tomograph)