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Generating sine waves with Winsound

Dear members of the auditory list!

My name is Marco Kobbenbring, and I am psychology student in Kiel, Germany.
I have a problem with my experiment for the diploma, which is in the field
of music
perception. It includes the presentation of sequentially ordered short sine
(ascending scale). I generated the sine waves with Winsound v4.23, and
stored the
sequences as .wav files.

The problem is that when I play back the wave files, there appear short
klicks with
the onset of every tone of the file. They are very inconspicuous, however,
experimental conditions they become audible.
I used fade in and out for every tone, so the transition from one tone to
the other
is smooth.
Moreover, I created sound files on two different PCs with the same result,
and also
conversion of the files to CD player format didn't make a difference.
However, the two PCs are possibly not equipped for professional sound

I would be grateful for advice whether there must be something wrong with my


Best wishes!

Marco Kobbenbring

Marco Kobbenbring
Steinstr. 8

24118 Kiel

EMail: marco.kobbenbring@gmx.net
Telefon: 0431/8885966

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