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10 Years of ICAD--Nominating Papers

Dear fellow member of the International Community for Auditory Display:
      cc: AUDITORY List (please pardon multiple copies)

In celebration of the 10th International Conference on Auditory Display
(ICAD), to be held in Sydney, Australia this coming July, we are
assembling a special journal issue (to be announced) which will contain
significant or representative papers from ICAD's ten-conference
history. We would appreciate your input.

Specifically, please tell us which paper(s) from each conference you
believe should be included in this collection and why. The kinds of
criteria we are contemplating, which are by no means the only criteria,

Did this paper make a particularly important contribution in technique
or theory?
Was the experimental methodology used in this paper exceptional?
Were there especially novel ideas in this work?
Was this paper representative of an important research trend?
Did the ideas in this paper generate a new insight that was realized in
future works?
Did this paper have an outsized impact on the field due to funding,
patents, public notice, or other non-scientific variables?
Did the auditory examples with this paper stand out for their
sophistication, beauty, or elegance?

As you consider each year's contributions, other criteria will likely
come to mind. In your submission, please tell us not only the title and
author of the paper and which ICAD it was presented at, but why you
have selected it. We are not looking for votes, but for your opinions
on important trends.

Please feel free to recommend your own papers. Let us know you are
doing so and include the rationale.

Your responses will be collated and presented to the ICAD Board of
Directors, which will function as a peer review committee The intention
of the collection is to trace the contours of research presented at
these ten ICAD's by way of exemplary works. Thus, the ultimate decision
will emerge from a multi-layered but ultimately subjective process. The
ultimate goal is to support our research community by providing access
to these collected works, highlighting research trends, and hopefully
opening doors to even more interesting, high quality auditory display

You can locate most of the papers by going to www.icad.org. The notable
exceptions are: ICAD '92-- the papers from 1992 made up the book
"Auditory Display", G. Kramer, ed. Addison Wesley, 1994; and ICAD 94.
These papers are eligible for selection, but to see them you will need
to refer to the Addison Wesley book or the printed proceedings for ICAD

Please email your suggestions to tenthicad@icad.org no later than April
30, 2004. Please let us know what you think. We look forward to hearing
from you.


Gregory Kramer and
Bruce Walker

Gregory Kramer, Ph.D.
Clarity/Metta Foundation
310 NW Brynwood Lane
Portland, OR 97229

Bruce Walker, Ph.D.         bruce.walker@psych.gatech.edu
School of Psychology              (404) 894-8265 (office)
Georgia Institute of Technology      (404) 894-8905 (fax)
Atlanta, Georgia, 30332-0170        (404) 874-1618 (home)