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Re: ear canal length


I don't have any specific papers to cite, but a few comments

While not a direct measure of ear canal length, there is a lot of data on
the resonance of the ear canal as measured via a probe microphone system.
This Real Ear Unaided Response (REUR) clearly shows smaller ears have higher
frequency REUR peaks.  Richard Seewald's group has a lot of REUR data on
very young children. http://www.uwo.ca/nca/about.htm

If you look at tympanometry one of the measures reported is ear canal
volume.  Again, not a direct measure of length, but related.

Finally, a group at Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary was doing some work
with laser measurements of Tympanic Membrane movement and may have some data
on ear canal length.

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Brad Ingrao, M.S.Ed. CCC-A, FAAA
EDEN - The Electronic Deaf Education Network
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Can anyone direct me to published data on age-related differences in human
ear canal length? My intuition is that ear canal length scales with overall
head size and thus that infants have shorter canal length than adults, but
I'd like to see the actual numbers. Any help greatly appreciated.

Many  thanks.