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Vestibular sectioning, and, OAEs


I am interested in the experimental findings of TEOAEs applied to
subjects after Vestibular sectioning. This is supposed to cut all
efferent signalling to the ipsilateral ear. It is found that sectioning
stops contralateral TEOAE suppression [1]. This is understandable, as
the contralateral stimulus waveform has no path to the ipsilateral ear.

Further the implications of sectioning and OAE application prove that a
majority of the signal is generated and possibly shaped within the
cochlear and neural system of the OoC/spiral Ganglion. I do notice that
in a figure comparing TEOAEs in sectioned and normal ears ([1], Fig. 1),
that it is possible that the OAE decay rate is reduced - i.e. they last
longer without efferent signaling.

I am interested in other opinions and references people are aware of,
including Spontaneous OAE findings when the Vestibular nerve is

[1] Hine, J.E. et. al., Hearing Research 1997, (108) pages 28-36


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