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Sensory coding and the natural environment--Gordon Research Conference

Could you please post this blurb (attached) for the upcoming GRC, if
its not been done already.  Feel free to modify as you see fit for the
auditory community.



Bruno A. Olshausen                   (530) 757-8749
Center for Neuroscience              (530) 757-8827 (fax)
UC Davis                             baolshausen@ucdavis.edu
1544 Newton Ct.                      http://redwood.ucdavis.edu/bruno
Davis, CA 95616
Redwood Neuroscience Institute       (650) 321-8282 x233
1010 El Camino Real, suite 380       (650) 321-8585 (fax)
Menlo Park, CA 94025                 http://www.rni.org
  Gordon Research Conference:

            "Sensory coding and the natural environment"

                       September 5-10, 2004
                 The Queen's College, Oxford, UK

                      Bruno Olshausen, Chair
             Jack Gallant & Mike Lewicki, Vice-chairs

  This conference will bring together researchers from diverse
  disciplines to discuss the statistical structure of natural scenes,
  and how nervous systems exploit these statistics to form useful
  representations of the environment.  Topics include sensory
  neurophysiology, perceptual psychology, and the mathematics of
  signal statistics, applied to a variety of sensory modalities and
  organisms.  A list of speakers as well as instructions on how to
  apply are available at


  Applications will be reviewed in April, at which point accepted
  applicants may register.  All participants will have the opportunity
  to present their work in poster sessions.  Funds will be available
  to subsize costs for students and postdocs.