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position in applied psychoacoustics in Denmark

I am happy to announce a position in


(Position in auditory research, development, and application at DELTA /
Aalborg University, Denmark)


M.Sc. degree (or equiv.) in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical
Engineering, Experimental Psychology, or Physics

Working and/or research experience in at least two of the following fields:

    * Psychoacoustics
    * Auditory signal processing
    * Audiology
    * Human experimental psychology

Job description

    * The position is placed at the Sound Quality Research Unit at
Aalborg University for the next 2 years.
    * The work will be carried out in an interdisciplinary,
international team.
    * After 2 years the position will potentially turn into a permanent
position at DELTA, Hørsholm (north of Copenhagen).
    * During the first 2 years in Aalborg the candidate will have
regular consultations with the specialists at DELTA, assisting in the
transformation of experimental research results to practical application
used by DELTA's Sound Quality group. This group works as consultants for
industrial clients.

For details about the position, see


Wolfgang Ellermeier
Wolfgang Ellermeier
e-mail: we@acoustics.dk
phone:  +45 9635 8713
FAX:    +45 9815 2144

Forskningsprofessor             Research Professor
Afdeling for Akustik            Departm. of Acoustics
Aalborg Universitet             Aalborg University
Fredrik Bajersvej 7 B5          Fredrik Bajersvej 7 B5
DK-9220 Aalborg Ø               DK-9220 Aalborg O
Danmark                         Denmark