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Re: Sensimetrics' Headset Listening device


You are right that pinna-related spectral notches would not be preserved
a headset array. But in terms of enhancing speech-to-noise ratio
through spatial filtering, the loss of directional filtering from the pinna
would be more than compensated by the directivity of the array.

Loss of pinna cues may be more important for localization, especially in
the vertical
plane. Noble, Byrne and colleagues at NAL have documented such effects with
different types of hearing aids.

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At 03:08 PM 4/1/2004, Peter Lennox wrote:
Am I right in thinking that a headset-type array cannot incorporate any of
the pinnae filtering part of the HRTF? - isn't this particularly important
for the speech-in-noise problem? Even using a capsule either side of the
head, so that at least you have duplex components and so some of the hrtf
would behave properly, surely the lack of pinnae effects would be serous? -
sorry if this is a naive question. It just seems to me that ideally, a
hearing aid would make up for amplitude-with frequency loss within the
context of the HRTF - ideally, wouldn't one wish to exaggerate pinnae
notches to make up for the loss, or is this simply not possible?