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Re: Difference between cognition and perception?

According to the ambiophone theory, the whole body is a "system of
cognition". I do agree with the difference Brian made about "perception"
and "cognition" but with a little nuance: the "perception" includes
acoustics and "cognition" does not ... necessarily.

Perception carries a naive aspect when listening to sound, which is very
well exploited by the electroacoustic music composers. The brain,
instead of referring to the a priori, deals with the objective value of
acoustic parameters. In other words, perception is the innate body
worker and his fonction is to create links between "acoustique physique"
and "acoustique physiologique". Cognition takes advantage of the
perception's work and evolves in an interconnexionnist manner which
includes the inputs of the other sensories. Moreover, cognition takes in
consideration the cultural, psychological, social, educational etc.
informations of the a priorism that the physical environment vehiculates.

Sorry for my poor english writing, i will work it out.

Claire Piche'

Woojay Jeon a e'crit :

>I am wondering if anyone can clarify the exact difference between
>"cognition" and "perception", at least in terms of acoustics, and also
>provide some examples illustrating the difference?
>Woojay Jeon

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