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Re: Difference between cognition and perception?

Dear Claire, and others,

on Wednesday, April 14, Claire Piche' wrote:

> ..........  In other words, perception is the innate body
> worker and his fonction is to create links between "acoustique physique"
> and "acoustique physiologique". Cognition takes advantage of the
> perception's work and evolves in an interconnexionnist manner which
> includes the inputs of the other sensories. Moreover, cognition takes in
> consideration the cultural, psychological, social, educational etc.
> informations of the a priorism that the physical environment vehiculates.

This description makes a lot of sense to me. I also liked the suggestions of
others that we should look for examples to clarify the difference between
the terms.

Plenty can be found in speech. If a speaker's voice is played back via
headphones and slightly pitch-shifted, a compensatory pitch shift by the
voice occurs that the speaker remains unaware of. Here we must say that
perception, but not cognition, of the played-back pitch shift has occurred.

Most in speech remains on a perceptional level.
Only a small part can possibly reach the level of cognition.
And only a small part of the small part that can reach cognition actually
does so.
And even smaller part can become aware to a listener.


Martin Braun
Neuroscience of Music
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