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Archive request; admin info

Dear List -

A few administrative points:

 * I was recently asked about the possibility of having [AUDITORY]
   automatically added to the subject line of all messages.  It turns out
   that the LISTSERV software will do this automatically as a per-user
   option.  I've now modified the options at the bottom of everybody's
   AUDITORY subscription page to add this as one of the choices
   (alongside Digest mode, and Inactive).

   To change to this option, simply visit your personal AUDITORY edit
   page; if you've lost the link, go to
   http: //www.auditory.org/audindex.html, select your own record, then
   click the "Send the Edit URL" button to have it sent to you.

 * I just found out that my archive mechanism has not been accepting
   mail for most of April; it was fixed last night.  I'd like to
   recover the messages that didn't make it into the archive.  If
   anyone has a *complete* set of messages to AUDITORY from April 02
   to April 13 (maybe even just the daily digest messages), I would be
   grateful if you could forward to them to me.

 * I'd like to echo Christian's recent call for only ASCII messages to
   the list.  However, note that the "threaded" archives (available
   from http://www.auditory.org/postings.html ) use the MHonArc
   software which does a nice job of converting MIME messages into
   HTML.  So if, like me, you can't read those messages in your inbox,
   you can wait 24 hours then view them nicely formatted on the
   archive (now that it is fixed) e.g.
   http://www.auditory.org/mhonarc/2004/threads.html .

It has been a while since I sent out the standard admin information,
so I've attached it below.


-- DAn Ellis <dpwe@ee.columbia.edu> http://www.ee.columbia.edu/~dpwe/
   Dept. of Elec. Eng., Columbia Univ., New York NY 10027 (212) 854-8928

 - - - - - - - - - - ~/AUDITORY/aperiodic-reminder - - - - - - - - - -
Subject: Aperiodic admin reminder
From:    Dan Ellis  <dpwe@ee.columbia.edu>
Date:    $Date: 2004/04/14 14:44:32 $

Dear List -

Here's a reminder of some administration details for the email list

Messages for the entire list should be sent to AUDITORY@LISTS.MCGILL.CA
(case doesn't matter).  As an "anti-spam" measure, the Listserver will
reject messages if it doesn't recognize the "From:" address in your
message as exactly matching one of the list recipients.  Regrettably,
this results in a lot of false alarms; if you have trouble posting,
please just let me know so I can fix your address (or you can do it
yourself as described below).

The biographical database as well as an archive of postings are
available on the web.  An experimental interface is available at:

        http: //www.auditory.org/audindex.html

I feel that this file is somewhat sensitive from a privacy point
of view, so I would request that you do *not* make any links to
it.  That way we can keep it out of Web indexes, and it will only
be accessed by those who know the address.  You will also notice
that almost all the email addreses on the site have been rendered
with "(at)" replacing the ampersand in another attempt to outwit
automated email address harvesting.

Members can edit their own database entries (including changing the
email address used, or inactivating/reactivating the account) via a
web page.  There is a randomly-generated 'password' required; clicking
the link at the bottom of the page displaying your record (accessed
via the audindex link above) will send the edit URL, including
password, to your email address as registered on the list.  Also, I am
happy to generate the URL and mail it to you directly.

One option to reduce the burden on your mailbox from AUDITORY is to
switch to the "DIGEST" format, which instructs the listserver to send
you at most one message per day, containing all that day's postings.
You can switch to DIGEST format by selecting the "Daily digest" option
at the bottom of the database entry web page described above.

Those options now include a choice to have all individual messages
prefixed by [AUDITORY] when they are delivered to your mail account.

The home page for the list is:


which includes links to the postings archives, as well a few other
resources.  (The postings archives and the member-list are also
available for download via HTTP as plain files in the baselevel
directory under member-list, postings-1993.gz, postings-1994.gz etc.)

There are currently two styles of archive available on the site, termed
"classic" and "threaded".  The "classic" index shows all messages in
chronological order, like a conventional mail reader.  The "threaded"
index uses the MHonArc package to convert messages to web pages and
arranges them into threads based on their subjects etc.  MHonArc does
a nicer job of converting message formats to HTML pages than
classic mode, which is confused by non-ASCII mail.

To be removed from the list, you can use the web interface described
above.  You can suspend your receipt of AUDITORY messages temporarily
by switching your subscription to inactive, then using the same page
to switch it back to active at some later date.

New subscriptions can be initiated via the web at:


Alternatively, these or any other admin matters can be sent to me at:


which is simply forwarded to dpwe@ee.columbia.edu .

-- DAn Ellis <dpwe@ee.columbia.edu> http://www.ee.columbia.edu/~dpwe/
   Dept. of Elec. Eng., Columbia University, New York NY 10027 (212) 854-8928
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