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noise classification problem

Hello to everyone in the AUDITORY list,
I'm an italian student in a Phd course in Grenoble France (ART SCIENCES TECHNOLOGIES, at the ACROE INSTITUE).
I'm researching in sound synthesis (physical modeling) and in particular i'm concentrating on noise creation for modern composers.
My problem now is undertsanding what has already been done in the past about noise.
Searching on the web i found out nothing interesting: it seems noone ever did a serious noise classification. It seems to me impossible 
even if  the subject is complex.
Now i'm thinking about starting one on a physical approach (trying to classify noises following physical parameters of the real objet that
can produce them). I've been reading the ineresting papers written by William Gaver ("Synthesing auditory icons" (Thanks to dan Ellis for
the advice)) and i found it interesting but i need something deeper in classification more than algorithms.
I just need some categories oficially accepted to classify my sounds.
Please tell me what you think, or suggest me some sites, adresses,

Thank you for your time

Alberto Novello

You can find me at this 

at this adress:
Mr. Alberto Novello
Ch. 205 Bat. Americain
Residence Olympique