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Re: noise classification problem

Ciao Alberto,
it might be interesting for you to read about what has been done in the past
years within the Sounding Object project:



> Hello to everyone in the AUDITORY list,
> I'm an italian student in a Phd course in Grenoble France (ART SCIENCES
> I'm researching in sound synthesis (physical modeling) and in particular
> i'm concentrating on noise creation for modern composers.
> My problem now is undertsanding what has already been done in the past
> about noise.
> Searching on the web i found out nothing interesting: it seems noone
> ever did a serious noise classification. It seems to me impossible

> even if  the subject is complex.
> Now i'm thinking about starting one on a physical approach (trying to
> classify noises following physical parameters of the real objet that
> can produce them). I've been reading the ineresting papers written by
> William Gaver ("Synthesing auditory icons" (Thanks to dan Ellis for
> the advice)) and i found it interesting but i need something deeper in
> classification more than algorithms.
> I just need some categories oficially accepted to classify my sounds.
> Please tell me what you think, or suggest me some sites, adresses,
> bibliography.

> Thank you for your time
> Alberto Novello
> You can find me at this

> number:
> +33625273033
> at this adress:
> Mr. Alberto Novello
> Ch. 205 Bat. Americain
> Residence Olympique
> Grenoble
> France

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