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Re: noise classification problem

Wouldn't this translate as "Traite des Objets Musicaux = Traits of musical

Vincent Rioux wrote:

> Back in 77, Pierre Schaeffer wrote very interesting things about sound
> (including "noise") classification (what he called "typo-morphology") in a
> book called "Traité des Objets Musicaux", 'Treatise of Musical Objects'.
> It is written in French.
> There might be some translations of this work in English,
> for e.g. http://www.sun.rhbnc.ac.uk/Music/Archive/Disserts/palombin.html
> but I am not aware of any official edited translation.
> Note, that it was thought as a tool for musical composition (mostly
> electroacoutic music) which might be slightly out of your scope (?)
> regards,
> vincent
> At 22:27 15/04/2004, Valeriy Shafiro wrote:
> >Hi Alberto,
> >
> >I don't believe that there are any "official" categories for classifying
> >real world sounds.  In my opinion, Gaver's taxonomy of environmental
> >sounds, while clearly not perfect, is still the best that we have for
> >classifying sounds in general.  At least it is a great starting point.  As
> >you wrote in your email the problem of classification is very complex, and
> >this is one reason why you have not been able to find much information
> >about it.  Real world sounds are produced by a great variety of different
> >sound sources which cannot be unambiguously classified either.  People have
> >tried to find some kind of an underlying perceptual structure of
> >environmental sounds (e.g., Ballas, 1993; Marcell et al., Gygi, 2001), but
> >that has not revealed any clearcut categories.  Which is not to say that
> >there is no category structure, but rather that the categories do not
> >reveal themselves very easily and unambiguously with the analysis methods
> >we are using.  My preferred analogy for the perceptual organization of real
> >world sounds would be that of the lexicon where individual items can be
> >classified based on acoustics/phonology, and also based on the ecological
> >significance/semantics/meaning.  Of course, this analogy is not perfect,
> >and I offer it just as one way to think about the problem.  For one, for
> >most environmental sounds the relationship between their semantics and
> >acoustics is not as arbitrary as it is for words.
> >
> >If I understood you correctly, and your goal is synthesizing musically
> >useful noises (possibly based on some real world sounds) then rather than
> >trying to come up with a general all-encompassing classification of real
> >world sounds you may have more success figuring out specific types of
> >noises/sounds that maybe interesting for your application.  Or, you can try
> >to find a way to represent different types of sounds in a smaller subset.
> >
> >Best regards,
> >
> >Valeriy
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> >Refs:
> >
> >Ballas, J.A. (1993). Common factors in the identification of an assortment
> >of brief
> >everyday sounds. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and
> >Performance, 19 (2), 250-267.
> >
> >Gygi, B. (2001). Factors in the Identification of Environmental Sounds,
> >Unpublished
> >doctoral dissertation, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana. Retrieved
> >02/20/02
> >from http://www.indiana.edu/~k300bg/dissall.pdf
> >
> >  Marcell, M.M., Borella, D., Greene, M., Kerr, E. & Rogers, S. (2000).
> >  Confrontation
> >naming of environmental sounds. Journal of Clinical and Experimental
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