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Re: noise classification problem

At 19:31 16/04/2004, f.maintenant wrote:
Claire, you're right about the signature (I meant the date at the bottom of
p.701). Yes, there's no copyright with the date 1977, only, on the back
cover of my book, the inscription "Imprimé en France 9-77". I still don't
understand why what seems to be the bible of electro-acoustics (can it be
compared to Helmholtz's On sensation of tone?.... for the publication dates
ambiguity certainly!) hasn't been translated, at least in English (German?).

Frédéric Maintenant
I find at least three reasons for this:
- I found this book extraordinary but rather hard to read.
Michel Chion, an important disciple of Schaeffer, even felt the need to publish some sort of "digest" of the TOM: "Guide des Objets Sonores" (this is a very precious work which greatly helps to uncrypt the thoughts of his master).
I would guess that this is quite an enterprise to tackle the translation of the TOM.
- The typo-morphology proposed in this book often makes use of single French words (like "masse", "cannelures", "allure", "grain", etc.) which often despite their "felt preciseness" carry strong 'poetics' allusions. It is not easy (possible?) to find strict equivalent in other languages.
- Moreover (consequently?) there has been some kind of controversies around the work of Schaeffer...
What is his status today after all, scientist? composer? philosopher? "maître à penser"?

some attemps are still to be made probably ;-)