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Re: Difference between cognition and perception?

Dear Doug, Angélique, Eliot, and others,

on Thursday, April 15, Douglas Eck wrote:

> >The reason for the dominance of the perception concept in music is that
> >here cognition is not needed.
> No cognition at all?

As I had written, "cognition is not needed". It can occur, of course.

Interestingly, it does not always add to the joy of music. A piece that
strikes many of your "cognitive" notes can easily be much less interesting
than one that strikes no "cognitive" notes at all.

If you hear a traditional Bulgarian women choir for the first time, the
"contribution of cognitive processes" may be close to zero, because you
might not know any word at all of the alien musical "language". But you will
not doubt that it's music, and you even might like it very much.


Martin Braun
Neuroscience of Music
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