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Announcement for the Auditory List

To the Administrator of the "Auditory List,"
Would you please send the message below to the list members? Hopefully, the link paediatric research audiologist will be conveyed!

Best regards
Carl Ludvigsen, MSc.
Manager of Audiological Research
Widex A/S
Ny Vestergaardsvej 25
DK-3500 Vaerloese, Denmark

Phone: (+45) 44 35 56 00 Direct phone: (+45) 44 35 56 47
Fax: (+45) 44 35 56 01 Direct Fax: (+45) 44 35 56 03
E-mail: c.ludvigsen@widex.com


Subject: Position at Widex Audiology Research Lab in Denmark.
Dear List
We are seeking a Ph.D.-level paediatric research audiologist for full-time employment at Widex in Denmark. For a full description of the job posting,  please consult paediatric research audiologist
or see www.widex.com.