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Re: subcortical neural plasticity

If I recall correctly there was a neat poster presented at ARO by a student working with Dr Grothe at Max-Planck Institute in Germany who reported evidence of plasticity in SOC (not following hearing loss) in adult rats (I think).  I'll try to look it up later but you could search the book of abstracts for ARO meeting found at: http://www.aro.org/mwm/mwm.html

There is evidence for plasticity in superior colliculus spatial map of ferrets following experience of altered spectral localisation cues (see work by Dr King and colleagues in Oxford, e.g. reviews: Trends Cog Sci;5:261*70, Audiol Neurootol;6:182*6.  This entire issue of Audiol Neuro is worth looking up)

This should get you going.  I believe there is a new book in the Popper and Fay series on 'Auditory Plasticity' due out this summer, which I for one am very much looking forward to.

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Dear List,


does anyone of you know studies providing evidence for learning-induced
plastic changes at subcortical stages of the auditory system?


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