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Mean rate and synchrony parameters

Hi all,

I want to generate the mean rate and synchrony parameters, that were
suggested by stephanie seneff in her thesis, for a large number of speech
signals. Does anyone know of a code (C/Matlab/anything else) that is
freely available for research purposes which can do that?

I know about Malcolm slaney's AuditoryToolBox which only implements stages
I and II of her model. So, I will have to write the third stage if I want
to use it.

I found another executable as part of SLAM (Segmentation and labelling
automatic module). The problem with this is that it generates the
parameters and stores them in files in a "AM" file format, and I have no
idea how to read this file format. I think it should be sufficient for my
purposes if someone knows how to read this format?

Any help/suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


Tarun Pruthi
Graduate Research Assistant, ECE
Room 3180, A V Williams Building
University of Maryland, College Park
MD 20742 USA
Email: tpruthi@glue.umd.edu
Web: www.ece.umd.edu/~tpruthi
Ph: 301-405-1365