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Job: Cambridge University: Auditory Temporal Processing

Auditory Temporal Processing and Perception
CNBH, Physiology, Cambridge

Below is the text for a job advertisement that we just posted
with  www.jobs.ac.uk

This posting to ear-mail and the auditory list is to ensure that the wider
audience sees the advert and to provide context for readers of ear-mail and
the auditory list.

The Centre for the Neural Basis of Hearing is in the Physiology Dept of the
University of Cambridge (U.K.). It is funded mainly by the UK Medical
Research Council and several large charities. See our web site (below) for
details of our research.

We have recently acquired a new grant, and after a shuffle of people and
projects, we have funds from our main MRC Programme Grant to support a post
doc for about 15 months from about July 2004. Our intention is to hire
someone who will continue the work outlined on the existing Programme Grant
for 15 months, and then move on to the next version of the Programme Grant,
which will go through the renewal process between during the year and, if
funded, will start on 1 October, 2005 and last for 4-5 years.

The University of Cambridge is an equal opportunity employer WITHIN the
larger European Union. We are allowed to hire people from outside the EU
but only if there is not a suitable candidate from within the EU. It is
like the American 'green card' system.

Sincerely, Roy Patterson

Text of the advert:

Auditory Temporal Processing and Perception

Applications are invited from scientists interested in temporal processing
in the auditory system from the cochlea to the cortex with emphasis on the
relationship between temporal processing and auditory perception. The main
topics of interest currently are a) temporal pitch processing and b) the
perception of size information in speech and music. Specifically we are
interested in the neural processing that underlies these two aspects of
auditory perception and the locations of the neural centres that do the
processing. Broadly speaking our approach involves i) establishing the
perceptual capabilities with psychophysical experiments, ii) characterising
the processing using a computational neuro-informatic model of auditory
processing (AIM), and iii) searching for the neural centres with brain
imaging (fMRI and MEG).

Applicants should possess, or expect soon to possess, a Ph.D or equivalent
degree in physiology, psychoacoustics, physics, engineering or computer
science.  Ideally, they should have post-graduate training in hearing
research and should understand computer synthesis and analysis of complex
sounds. Successful applicants would be expected to undertake research on
temporal aspects of auditory perception and its relationship to auditory
The appointment will be for fifteen months in the first instance, and the
post may, subject to the availability of funding, be renewed for a further
period of up to five years.  Appointment will be on the salary scale of
18,893 to 27,339 with the starting salary dependent upon experience.

The closing date for applications is the 30th of May 2004.

Applicants should send a letter of application supported by a full
curriculum vitae and the names and addresses of three referees to:

Roy Patterson, Centre for the Neural Basis of Hearing,
Physiology Department, University of Cambridge,
Downing Street, Cambridge, CB2 3EG, U.K.

Email submission is acceptable and should be sent to    rdp1@cam.ac.uk

Information about the research of the CNBH is provided on the web site

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Roy D. Patterson
Centre for the Neural Basis of Hearing
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Downing Street, Cambridge, CB2 3EG

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