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Re: auditory localization

EM and list,

        A statistical model indicating the consequences of varying the
number of sources and their separation in a source identification
experiment appears in JASA vol 104, pp 3546-3557 (1998). It includes
references to earlier work that may also be of interest.

Bill Hartmann

Elyana Makowski wrote:
> Hi,
> I am a PhD student and my research project is on the use of localization
> cues (ILD and ITD) in the  horizontal plane.  My set up consists of 11
> speakers arranged at 18 degree intervals from -90 to +90 degrees in the
> azimuthal plane.  Currently, I have tested normally hearing subjects, and
> will soon be testing hearing aid users and cochlear implant users.
> Recently, an issue has been brought up as to the number of speakers that I
> am using, with the suggestion being made that better results could be
> measured if I used more speakers.  My question is does anyone know how many
> speakers are necessary to accurately measure the average localization error?
>   How many speakers are enough?
> Thank you,
> Elyana
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