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Re: will phase distortion affect hearing result?

As you already mentioned, audition is more sensitive to amplitude than to phase. That is why, for example some performance criteria (i.e. the Log Spectral distortion) used in speech coding are based on amplitude. On the other hand, it seems that you sum up the outputs of filters in a filterbank for your hearing algorithm. Note that a phase distortion in each of the filters can cause an amplitude distortion in the output (you are adding  complex numbers: an amplitude and a phase for each filter). Therefore a phase distortion may result in an amplitude distortion.
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Objet : will phase distortion affect hearing result?

Dear List,
        I am working on algorithms on digital hearing aid. As I know,
auditory is sensitive to amplitude on every frequency. Then how about phase
infomation? Will all the filters necessarily be linear phase in a multi-band
hearing aid?
        Any discussion or paper recommendation will be appreciated.