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hearing integration time

Can anyone tell me where I can find out what the integration time of the
hearing system is in each octave band?

David Gilfillan
ph 0414504513

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> Subject: Re: will phase distortion affect hearing result?
> Xiao,
> As you already mentioned, audition is more sensitive to amplitude than
> phase. That is why, for example some performance criteria (i.e. the
> Spectral distortion) used in speech coding are based on amplitude. On
> other hand, it seems that you sum up the outputs of filters in a
> filterbank for your hearing algorithm. Note that a phase distortion in
> each of the filters can cause an amplitude distortion in the output
> are adding  complex numbers: an amplitude and a phase for each
> Therefore a phase distortion may result in an amplitude distortion.
> Best regards,
> Ramin
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> Objet : will phase distortion affect hearing result?
> Dear List,
>         I am working on algorithms on digital hearing aid. As I know,
> auditory is sensitive to amplitude on every frequency. Then how about
> phase
> infomation? Will all the filters necessarily be linear phase in a
> band
> hearing aid?
>         Any discussion or paper recommendation will be appreciated.