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Re: Audiometric database software

Dr. Eddins,

What version of NOAH are you using/  NOAH 3 has an XML export feature that
will export any "publicly formatted" data (demographics and audiometry).
After you export the data, you can import the XML file into a database (you
may need to write an application to parse the XML depending on the desired
level of analysis).

If you want to try NOAH 3 for 45 days, you may download it from

Be advised that the driver between the audiometer and NOAH (AudiLink) may
have limitations in terms of the amount of data transferred.  This is an
issue with the individual manufacturer, not NOAH per se.


Best Regards,

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Subject: Audiometric database software

Dear List,  I am looking for software that will take data from various
clinical audiometric devices (GSI 61, GSI 10, GSI 33, GSI TympStar) and port
it to a database.  The NOAH software will do this but does not provide
convenient access to the data for merging with another database.  Do any of
you know of an application that will provide this interface?  I hesitate to
start from scratch - guessing that folks have tackled this problem before.
Thanks for any insight that you may have.  Dave

David A. Eddins, Ph.D., CCC-A
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Communicative Disorders & Sciences
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