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summary to post requesting a sine wave generation program

Hi listers,

I am posting a summary to my earlier request for a program running under
Windows '9x/2000/NT for generating sine waves. I would like to thank those
who wrote directly to the list and those who e-mail me privately. Please
take note that I shall summarize only the latter messages.

================== begin of summary ========================================

John Ffitch <jpff@codemist.co.uk> said that Csound can generate
sine waves (and much else); runs of Windows (and everything else) and
is free.

Mark Huckvale <M.Huckvale@ucl.ac.uk> says that his ESynth program
(http://www.phon.ucl.ac.uk/resource/sfs/esynth.htm) is a free
Windows program for demonstrating and learning about
harmonic analysis/synthesis. Here is the blurb:

"ESynth is a program designed to explain the harmonic analysis and
synthesis of signals. With ESynth you can create signals by adding together
individual sinusoidal waveforms (sinewaves) and study the resulting
waveform and spectrum. You can also perform an analysis of an input
waveform, to see how a given sound can be represented in terms of a
sum of sinewaves."

Jayaganesh Swaminathan <ganesh@ele.uri.edu> wrote a Matlab program
for generating sine waves. He can make available the .m file.

Clemens Kuhn <cl.kuhn@web.de> suggests

Graeme Moffat <moffatgd@mcmaster.ca> says that he uses three programs for
sine wave generation. His first choice is usually Matlab 6.5 using the
wavwrite function, but he'll also use
either Audacity (open source, http://audacity.sourceforge.net/) or Adobe
Audition when the need arises. The latter two can generate sound at
anything up to 24-bit, 96 kHz resolution in a very straightforward manner.
Audacity is probably the best for simplicity and low cost.

================== end of summary ========================================
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