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checking the acoustical difference

Dear listers,
Could you help me with an advice or some literature references?

Iíve two CV syllables, namely /ba/ and /va/, that are clearly perceived and elicit mismatch negativity in ERPs, when used in the odd-ball paradigm. I want to prove that the MMN that I observe is of the phonetic origin while the acoustic difference is so faint, that it wonít be noticed and wonít elicit MMN in a non-speech context.
What kind of approach would you consider to be more reasonable and why?
- take first 25 ms of the stimuli (the part where they do differ) and attach them to the same vowel-like complex tone.
- reverse stimuli spectra around certain frequency (say, 2kHz)  and present participants with the resynthesized sounds
- something else?


Daniel Kislyuk,
St.Petersburg State University
mail-to: scrofa@yandex.ru