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Re: direct/indirect perception

Dear Julien,

a good reference for the direct/indirect perception issue is:

Michaels, c. F. & Carello, C. (1981). Direct Perception. Englewood Cliffs,
NJ:Prentice-Hall, Inc.

Also, a paper which might be interesting to you is this one:

Epstein, W. (1982). Percept–percept couplings. Perception, 11, 75–83.


Quoting Julien Ricard <jricard@IUA.UPF.ES>:

> hello all,
> I'm not very clear about ecological perception theory.
> I read that it explains auditory perception as the extraction of
> features (the structural and transformational invariants) which specify
> the sound producing event (respectively, the object and the action
> applied on it).
> Since it involves some intermediate representations and, I guess, some
> kind of memory model of it, in what sense is it a more 'direct'
> perception than other theories.
> Moreover, in that context, how do an imaginary sound (therefore not
> related to any known objects or actions) could be perceived as a
> perceptual entity?
> Thanks in advance.
> Julien Ricard

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