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Sound Design 04, Deadline Today

The deadline for submissions is today (25th of June)

Second symposium on Sound Design
October 13-15, 2004, Centre Pompidou, Paris, France


The Sound Design Symposium will last three full days, from October 13th to October 15th of 2004, and take place at the Centre Georges Pompidou, simultaneously as Ircam’s annual festival Resonance . It's organized by the French Acoustic Society in collaboration with Ircam.

This Second Symposium on Sound Design will give a platform to players in every sound design category in order to exchange a multitude of sound design knowledge, practices and habits, and therefore bring out the various contributions of sound design in everyday life, which concern our sound environment as well as our reflection on sound.

Consequently, the symposium is organized according to four broad categories of sound design practices:
- Product
- Space
- Sound signalling
- Media

Each speaker is requested to show three fundamental elements in the sound design creation process he experiences (analysis, creativity, tools and methods…):
- Analysis is a prerequisite to any lasting project, whatever is being analyzed (scientific elements, industrial process, market forces, ecological consequences, philosophy, architecture, cinema…), and makes possible an efficiently and useful affect on society.
- Tools, from conceptual models to sounding production methodology (database organization, perceptual models, synthesis, simulation, studio techniques, instrument makers know-how, loudspeaker technology…) which must not become goals themselves but must always remain means for production.
- Creativity, being not only the design of new objects adapted to a function, but also creativity aiming pleasure and emotion.

Scientific and artistic committee

* Stephen Barrass, Researcher of virtual environments, CSIRO, Australia
* Claude Bailblé, Professor, University of Paris VIII, film department, France
* Jean-Jacques Birgé, Filmmaker, composer, sound designer, multimedia content author
* Roberto Casati, Researcher in philosophy and cognitive science, CNRS, Italie
* Roland Cahen, composer, sound designer, France
* Bernard Delage, Acoustician, Architect, France
* Ludovic Germain, Sound designer, LAPS Design, Paris, France
* Frédérique Guyot, Psychoacoustician, sound designer,LAPS Design, Paris, France
* Thomas Hempel, User interface designer, Siemens, Germany
* Valérie Maffiolo, Researcher in vocal design, France Télécom R&D, Lannion, France
* Franck Poisson, Reasearcher, technology and reseach department, SNCF, Paris, France
* David Rocchesso, Professor, University of Verona, Italy
* Patrick Susini, Psychoacoustician, Sound design team, Ircam, Paris, France

* June 25, 2004: deadline for document submission
* July 15, 2004: notification to authors
* September 1, 2004: deadline for inscription
* September 10, 2004: deadline for definitive document

France Telecom R/D, Genesis, Laps Design, Renault, Müller-BBM

Best Regards.
Frédéric Guyot & Patrick Susini
Sorry for multiple posting