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Re: 135 dbSPL possible from commercial earphones / earpieces?

Here's a handy web page I found once that gives a table of commercial headphone specs:


According to this page, 130 dB SPL is about the limit.

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Subject: 135 dbSPL possible from commercial earphones / earpieces?


I have a hard-of-hearing family member wants to use a portable radio with earphones / earpieces ... but will need a LOT of audio
[She has a conductive loss, so a simple power boost will be fine ... her hearing discrimination etc is normal]

Before I go any buy any headphones or earpieces from the local hi-fi shop, can anyone tell me if 125 - 145 dbSPL is achievable with
off-the-shelf headphones or earpieces? Or will they simply distort the sound and then fall to pieces?



Richard (UK)