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Central auditory processing disorder (CAPD)

On Saturday, July 10, Charles S. Watson wrote:

> While it is reasonable to have doubts about the insurance industry's
> lobbying against the validity of treatments they would rather not pay
> for, the analysis by Aetna of CAPD and treatments advised for it is
> worth a look.  Of course their stance might make one want to learn more
> about the opposing views in this controversial area.
> http://www.aetna.com/cpb/data/PrtCPBA0668.html

Thank you, Charles. This page is worth reading. The same applies to the
companion page


Of course all statements from all industries should be read with the right
amount of salt. But then it seems that those from the medical industry beg
for more of it than those from the insurance industry.

As to the so-called "CAPD syndrome", obviously a lot more research is
needed. And we cannot even be certain if the term will survive many more


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