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about separately recorded songs

Dear list,


I am a graduate student in the computer science and engineering department, the Ohio state university. Currently I am carrying out a project which is to extract the vocal line (singing) out of a song, i.e. to remove the backing music. In order to develop such a system, I need recordings where the vocal and music are separately recorded. e.g., the vocal is in one track and the music is in another track (different instruments are not necessarily separately recorded). For all the recordings I can found, the vocal and the music are mixed and then stored in different channels. Karaoke is not useful since in Karaoke, the music is stored in one channel and the mixture of vocal and music, instead of the vocal alone, is stored in the other channel. I heard that in modern pop music industry, every instrument as well as vocal line is separately recorded. They are mixed before the release. Since it is difficult for me to access this kind of resource, I am wondering if there are other ways to get the recordings.


To my knowledge, there is no common test database for the task. I intend to build a small one which might be used by other researchers in the future. The problem I am encountering is that I am not familiar with music therefore I can not determine representative samples for the database. I understand that singing, as speech, is extremely diverse, and such database might be beyond me. Nevertheless, I wish the list could give me some ideas about the construction of the database. Thank you for your attention.



Yipeng Li

Research Assistant

Computer Science & Engineering

The Ohio State University

U. S. A.