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Loudness and AI


Loudness and the articulation index are closely related in Fletcher's
definitive version of the articulation index calculation (Fletcher and Galt,
1950).  For example, Fletcher's version uses two sets of frequency-wise
weights to account for the consequences of the frequency response on
speech sound recognition.  These weights are referred to as G1 (low speech
levels) and G4 (high speech levels) and were derived from loudness
experiments using speech.  The loudness weights are used in addition to the
well-known band-importance weights (Fletcher's D).  Notably, loudness is NOT
included in other versions of the articulation index calculation such as
ANSI S3.5-1969; 1997.

Reference:   Fletcher, H. and Galt, R.H. (1950).   "The perception of speech
and its relation to telephony," Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
22, 89-151.

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> Is it possible to say that Loudness and Articulation index are closely
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