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Re: reverberation simulations

Try Jont Allen's room impulse response Matlab package. You design your
room, place your source, and place your receiver in it. I would post it but
I think it should be him doing that.

Pierre Divenyi

At 11:38 AM 9/6/2004, Ken Grant wrote:
Does anyone have a decent reverberation simulator they're willing to
share. We've got lots of 1-5 minute recordings of speech, music, and
environmental sounds that we would like to process through various size
rooms. If possible, we'd like to specify the listener's position in the
room as well as the position of 1-4 sources (a target sound and maybe a
noise source or 2). All of these sources are already digitized. We just
need t place them in rooms (a square or rectangular space would be fine)
with  specified reverberation times and/or absorption coefficients.

Thanks in advance.

Ken W. Grant

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