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Re: Audibility of fire alarms


a good general reference for auditory warning/alarm design is

N.A. Stanton and J. Edworthy, eds., Human Factors in Auditory Warnings,
Ashgate, 1999.

The focus is mainly on information coding in non-verbal warnings,
perceived urgency etc. but as far as I remember there's also some
discussion about audibility of alarms for hearing-impaired listeners.

Also, a quick googling returned

T. Grace, Improving the Waking Effectiveness of Fire Alarms in
Residential Areas, Fire Engineering Research Report 97/13,  School of
Engineering University of Canterbury, New Zealand, May 1997.

Don't know about the contents, but the title is nicely on topic :-)


Brad Ingrao wrote:

Does anyone of any research that identifies the acoustic
characteristics needed to arouse people from sleep.  I am particularly
looking at making fire alarms more accessible to people with hearing
loss, but need to go back to the initial psychoacoustic work done if
it exists.

Thank you in advance


Best Regards,

Brad Ingrao, MSEd, CCC-A, FAAA


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