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call for datasets for psychophysical stationarity study

[apologies for possible cross-posting]

Dear colleagues,

I'm investigating stationarity of human performance in psychophysical
tasks with respect to time and previous trials, and am trying to collect
large amounts of trial-by-trial data for this purpose.

I am looking for existing psychophysical data sets of constant stimuli
(block design) experiments, preferably from long-running experiments.
The requirements for my analysis are:

* the subjects must be human
* raw stimulus intensities and responses must be recorded
trial-by-trial, preserving information about:
     - the order of the trials
     - how they are divided into blocks, and
     - (where possible) in which session or day the block was performed
     - which data points belong to the same psychometric function (i.e.
data must separated according to subjects and experimental conditions)

About the experiment I would also need to know the design (nAFC etc),
type of feedback and the amount/type of training before the experiment.

The type of experiment itself, the meaning of the different conditions,
would possibly be useful to know, but could equally be withheld if you

I would be very pleased to hear from you if you have data sets which
roughly meet these requirements, and which you would be willing to let
me download, or to upload to my ftp server. Contributors will be
gratefully  acknowledged in my reports and publications.

Thanks in advance

Best regards,

Thomas Tanner