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Available: IEEE TNN Special Issue on Temporal Coding

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks - Volume 15, Number 5, September 2004

(Online accessible from IEEE Xpore, http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/)

Guest Editorial
D. Wang, W. J. Freeman, R. Kozma, A. G. Lozowski, and A. A. Minai


Coincidence Detection

Correlated Inhibitory and Excitatory Inputs to the Coincidence Detector:
Analytical Solution
S. Mikula and E. Niebur

An Instance of Coincidence Detection Architecture Relying on Temporal Coding
D. Béroule

A Network of Coincidence Detector Neurons With Periodic and Chaotic Dynamics
M. Watanabe and K. Aihara


Dynamics and the Single Spike
M. G. Paulin, L. F. Hoffman, and C. Assad

On the Sample Complexity of Learning for Networks of Spiking Neurons
With Nonlinear Synaptic Interactions
M. Schmitt

Dynamic Proximity of Spatio-Temporal Sequences
D. Horn, G. Dror, and B. Quenet

An Analysis of Globally Connected Active Rotators With Excitatory and
Inhibitory Connections Having Different Time Constants Using the
Nonlinear Fokker–Planck Equations
T. Kanamaru and M. Sekine

Grouping Synchronization in a Pulse-Coupled Network of Chaotic Spiking
H. Nakano and T. Saito

Synchronization Rates in Classes of Relaxation Oscillators
S. R. Campbell, D. Wang, and C. Jayaprakash

Neural Modeling

Different Types of Signal Coupling in the Visual Cortex Related to
Neural Mechanisms of Associative Processing and Perception
R. Eckhorn, A. M. Gail, A. Bruns, A. Gabriel, B. Al-Shaikhli, and M. Saam

Dynamical Analysis of Neural Oscillators in an Olfactory Cortex Model
D. Xu and J. C. Principe

Which Model to Use for Cortical Spiking Neurons?
E. M. Izhikevich

The Role of Temporal Parameters in a Thalamocortical Model of Analogy
Y. Choe

Stimulus-Specific Oscillations in a Retinal Model
G. T. Kenyon, B. J. Travis, J. Theiler, J. S. George, G. J. Stephens,
and D. W. Marshak

Theta-Modulated Feedforward Network Generates Rate and Phase Coded
Firing in the Entorhino-Hippocampal System
M. Lengyel and P. Érdi

Auditory Processing

Temporal Codes and Computations for Sensory Representation and Scene
P. A. Cariani

A Temporal-Analysis-Based Pitch Estimation System for Noisy Speech With
a Comparative Study of Performance of Recent Systems
A. Khurshid and S. L. Denham

Robust Sound Onset Detection Using Leaky Integrate-and-Fire Neurons With
Depressing Synapses
L. S. Smith and D. S. Fraser

Monaural Speech Segregation Based on Pitch Tracking and Amplitude Modulation
G. Hu and D. Wang

A Computational Model of Auditory Selective Attention
S. N. Wrigley and G. J. Brown

Visual Processing

Coding Static Natural Images Using Spiking Event Times: Do Neurons
L. Perrinet, M. Samuelides, and S. Thorpe

Pixel Clustering by Adaptive Pixel Moving and Chaotic Synchronization
L. Zhao, A. C. P. L. F. de Carvalho, and Z. Li

Pulse-Coupled Neural Networks for Contour and Motion Matchings
B. Yu and L. Zhang

Temporally Sequenced Intelligent Block-Matching and Motion-Segmentation
Using Locally Coupled Networks
X. Zhang and A. A. Minai

Associative Networks

Storage Capacity Diverges With Synaptic Efficiency in an Associative
Memory Model With Synaptic Delay and Pruning
S. Miyoshi and M. Okada

A Transient-Chaotic Autoassociative Network (TCAN) Based on Lee Oscillators
R. S. T. Lee

Identification and Control of Dynamical Systems Using the
Self-Organizing Map
G. A. Barreto and A. F. R. Araújo

Temporal Processing

Temporal Processing in Primate Motor Control: Relation Between Cortical
and EMG Activity
O. F. L. Manette and M. A. Maier

Signal Processing With Temporal Sequences in Olfactory Systems
A. G. Lozowski, M. Lysetskiy, and J. M. Zurada

Temporal BYY Encoding, Markovian State Spaces, and Space Dimension
L. Xu

Hardware Implementation

Synchrony Detection and Amplification by Silicon Neurons With STDP Synapses
A. Bofill-i-Petit and A. F. Murray

Temporal Coding in a Silicon Network of Integrate-and-Fire Neurons
S.-C. Liu and R. Douglas

Synchronization of Nonlinear Electronic Oscillators for Neural Computation
J. Cosp, J. Madrenas, E. Alarcón, E. Vidal, and G. Villar