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Open Ph.D. position: Philips Research/Technical University Eindhoven

Ph.D. position in audio content analysis available at Philips Research
Laboratories Eindhoven

What: A 3-year Ph.D. position for a postgraduate candidate with a
background in electrical engineering, physics or computer science. This
position is part of an Early Stage Training (EST) project:
"Consumer-oriented access to media content", funded via the EC Marie
Curie program. Three other fellows will participate in this project.

Topic: This Ph.D. project focuses on automatic content analysis, a
necessary component for new methods of content management. The focus is
on the audio domain, with a strong emphasis on music. The first step in
content evaluation is the development of features (low-level
descriptors) of the audio signal. They form the core of all algorithms
directed towards content selection and user-interface representation.
Based on the state-of-the art in this area, the project will concentrate
on the development or improvement of features that are specifically
suited to characterize music content: timbral descriptors, pitch, key
and tonal aspects of music, tempo, and rhythm features. Features
describing these properties will be used for audio and music
classification and description.

What we offer: This project is placed within the perception cluster of
the Digital Signal Processing (DSP) research group at the Philips
Research Laboratories in Eindhoven and will be supervised by
Dr. Martin McKinney and Prof. Dr. Armin Kohlrausch. The
Ph.D. candidate will learn the fundamentals of human auditory
perception, how algorithmic perception models can be used to extract
music descriptors and how such extraction algorithms can be realized
with low complexity, i.e. using as few operations as possible. Besides
on-the-job research training within Philips Research, the candidate
will follow complementary training on user-system interaction,
experimentation and data analysis and technical writing at the
J. Schouten School for User-System Interaction Research at the
Eindhoven University of Technology (http://fp.tm.tue.nl/jfschouten/).

Requirements: The candidate must have EC nationality (excluding the
Netherlands) and be no more than 4 years removed from obtaining his/her
previous university degree (masters, ir. etc.).

How to apply: More information about this position and the way to apply
can be found at the Philips Career WEB site:
http://www.philips.com/about/careers >> career search by entering the
JOB ID: 19447.

Deadlines: Applications should be received by November 15. The position
is available immediately.

Information: Formal questions should be addressed to Mrs. Carla Schol
(carla.schol@philips.com). Questions regarding the project can be
addressed to: armin.kohlrausch@philips.com or