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Re: Speaker Suggestions for Acoustic-Model Building

> Sorry this isn't what you asked for, but I'm wondering if you
> have considered the alternative of simply running your speech
> files through room simulation or reverberation software,
> with noise also added in software.
> This gives you lots of flexibility and you don't have to deal
> with specific hardware issues.  If and whan you want to
> add those in, you can add them to your model separately.
> You would only need to deal with these hardware issues
> when you want a final demonstration of the working model
> performance in a specific situation.
> Just a thought...
> Bob Masta

This would be terrific if it were possible.  I don't see how we'd do
it --- we'd have to somehow model the exact noise characteristics of
both our room and our microphone channel in a way that we could
accurately simulate it.  The room itself is reverberant, not
especially regularly shaped, and there are several different known and
somewhat non-stationary sources of nosie.  Doing a simuation seems to
be way more work than just recording a bunch of data through the
channel, if it's doable at all.