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Research Fellow opening at Edinburgh for Speech Synthesis

Dear List -

Please find enclosed an announcement of an opportunity to work on
improving prosody synthesis in Festival, the pre-eminent research
speech synthesis engine.


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Date: Mon, 01 Nov 2004 13:36:20 +0000
From: Simon King <Simon.King@ed.ac.uk>
Organization: CSTR, University of Edinburgh
Subject: job opening at CSTR


I'd be grateful if you could circulate this job advert to anyone you
think might be interested in the position,

many thanks,

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The Centre for Speech Technology Research at the University of Edinburgh
is seeking a research fellow to work on the leading text-to-speech
research toolkit, Festival (www.cstr.ed.ac.uk/projects/festival) through
the ongoing project "Expressive Prosody for Unit-selection Speech
Synthesis". The project's aims are to add explicit control of prosody to
unit-selection speech synthesis, generate prosody appropriate for
communicating specific meanings and information structures and to
realise this prosody with sequences of appropriately-sized pitch
accents, arranged into valid intonation tunes. This project is jointly
lead by Simon King, Mark Steedman and Rob Clark (Edinburgh) and Dan
Jurafsky (Stanford, USA).

Full details can be found at http://www.cstr.ed.ac.uk/opportunities

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