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Re: octave illusion and attention

Title: Re: octave illusion and attention
Dear list,

Concerning the articles on the octave illusion referenced below, I should add the following:

Deutsch, D. The octave illusion revisited again. JEP:HPP 2004, 30, 355-364

which includes an extensive critique of the methodology used in the paper by Chambers et al, 2002, together with the report of a new experiment. Also,  concerning the article by Chambers in PBR, I have published in the same issue a lengthy Reply which documents a number of inaccuracies and misconceptions in this article.

I'd be happy to email reprints of both articles to any who are interested.


Diana Deutsch

Dear list,

I would like to announce an in-press article on the octave illusion, titled "Does selective attention influence the octave illusion?", which will appear in the journal Perception.

This article is the last in our series on the octave illusion, and explores the role of attention and analytic listening in sequential processing. Perception has a fairly long lag, so I'd be happy to email pre-prints upon request. Abstract is pasted below.

Our other articles are published in Psychonomic Bulletin and Review (latest issue) and JEP:HPP (2002, Dec). PDFs are available from my homepage or by email request.

all the best,