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MR-compatible headphones: Koss medical ESP 900


I'm wondering if anyone on this list is using or knows someone (or a lab)
who is using Koss 'medifcal ESP 900', which is a model of MR-compatible
headphones, for auditory fMRI studies.

When I talked to a sales rep at Koss, I was told that although this model
is MR-compatible, each lab makes a bit of modification to meet their
needs.  We are wondering what kind of modification is made and why since
sales rep didn't know the details about what was done to the headphones.

Our lab has been looking for a set of MR-compatible electrostatic
headphones for auditory language fMRI studied and considering purchasing
this model, but we'd like to gether more information about compatibility
of the headphones with fMR image acquisition.

Thank you for your info!