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Harmonic Analysis on f0-Curve


I'm a student (from Salzburg/Austria) searching a windows based program that
computes a pitch out of a singers vocal wav file.
Furthermore I should be able to change that f0-plot for correction.
What I want to do then is a harmonic analysis on voice. So the program
should compute out of that f0-curve the harmonic levels in dB over time
(window size between 256 and 4096). A pure graphical solution is not
accurate enough, i want to get it in a range of +- 3dB on e.g. the first 12

And I should also be able to set the frequency range that should be

Does anyone know a program that would do that for me? I tried Praat
(installation failed...), SFS and Wavesurfer. Those seem to be very
speech-orientated, for me it should be rather musicology orientated -
primarily a good set of analysis-options on harmonics.

Is there even a freeware educational program that does it?

Best regards,
Hermann Stemberger