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Re: Harmonic Analysis on f0-Curve

Hi Hermann

The GPL statistical and visualization environment 'R' (http://www.r-project.org) has a plugin package 'tuneR' by Uwe Ligges (which you get from http://cran.r-project.org under packages) designed for direct analysis of wave files as if they were statistical datasets.  R is a matlab style CLI statistical program which can make absolutely wonderful plots. Of course this style of interface has a pretty steep learning curve, but documentation is of good quality and demos are very informative.

'tuneR' is a set of extended functions that will produce 'melody plots' of the fundamental frequency with energy on an accompanying plot. It also produces very nice spectrum plots, which aren't particularly new of course, but can avoid some horrible screengrabs.  These plots are pdf's and are completely resizeable which is great. I feel no need to edit them before using them in a document (which I do with excel plots). Check out the example in the documentation for tuneR for a 'how to'. I'm afraid I don't know how far correction is possible, but the plots are made from data objects which should seemingly be accesible and therefore editable.

'tuneR' is very recent project, so I am sure that harmonic analysis will be one of the additions planned. However currently there is no function that will provide more than just f0. For this I use fiddle~ by Miller Puckette. It does up to 100 harmonics (depenndent on signal to noise ratio) with control over many parameters. It seems fairly reliable and should hopefully fulfil your accuracy requirements. It is a max/msp or pd object so requires knowledge of patching languages. It is free software, and so is pd. Maxmsp is expensive but a little easier to use.  You can create data sets in the patching language (with 'coll' or 'textfile' objects)and then analyze them later in whatever you please. Roundabout I know, but I haven't seen anything more straightforward.

http://www-crca.ucsd.edu/~msp/software.html for pd
http://crca.ucsd.edu/~tapel/software.html for fiddle

Tristan Jehan's analyzer~ provides further derived spectral analysis parameters like spectral centroid, noisiness and a realtime bark scale decomposition.

http://web.media.mit.edu/~tristan/  mac only 'fraid

Hope this helps


On Sun, 14 Nov 2004 11:55:54 +0100, Hermann Stemberger <hermann@STEMBERGER.AT> wrote:


I'm a student (from Salzburg/Austria) searching a windows based program that
computes a pitch out of a singers vocal wav file.
Furthermore I should be able to change that f0-plot for correction.
What I want to do then is a harmonic analysis on voice. So the program
should compute out of that f0-curve the harmonic levels in dB over time
(window size between 256 and 4096). A pure graphical solution is not
accurate enough, i want to get it in a range of +- 3dB on e.g. the first 12

And I should also be able to set the frequency range that should be

Does anyone know a program that would do that for me? I tried Praat
(installation failed...), SFS and Wavesurfer. Those seem to be very
speech-orientated, for me it should be rather musicology orientated -
primarily a good set of analysis-options on harmonics.

Is there even a freeware educational program that does it?

Best regards,
Hermann Stemberger