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intelligibility or other data for original PAL PB-50s?

Hello List - 

I'm getting ready to do a listening experiment with materials that were
previously recorded by a colleague of mine in linguistics. The original
corpus had two sets of 8 talkers, each of whom recorded 3 of the
original Egan (1948) lists. No two talkers recorded the same set of 3
lists, so I'm trying to find data to help me avoid accidentally choosing
talkers who recorded lists that differ in difficulty. 

I've had my very able assistant searching for intelligibility data where
scores are reported for the individual lists (we don't care who the
talker is), and she's come up empty after several days of looking. Does
anyone know of an article that reports this sort of data? Or perhaps
lexical data (e.g., frequency, neighborhood density, etc.) about these

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