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HASSIP Workshop 'Application Of Time Frequency Analysis In Acoustics'

          This is an announcement for the
                - HASSIP Workshop -
* Application Of Time Frequency Analysis In Acoustics *

Date:            *April 27 to 29, 2005.*
Location: *Acoustics Research Institute, Vienna.*

Homepage:  http://www.kfs.oeaw.ac.at/HASSIP/hassip.htm

This workshop's focus is on mathematical analysis and statistics
directly connected to signal processing in acoustics.

HASSIP is a Research Training Network funded by the European Commission
and is an acronym for 'Harmonic Analysis and Statistics for Signal and
Image Processing'. See http://www.cmi.univ-mrs.fr/hassip.

This workshop is open for everybody. At least for a few young
participants (preferable connected to HASSIP), there will be the chance
to get reimbursement for travel and/or accommodations by HASSIP.

It will be held right after the HASSIP mid-term meeting and in
conjunction with the ESI - Special Semester 'Modern Methods of
Time-Frequency Analysis'. See

The workshop is sponsored and organized by the
            Acoustics Research Institute
           of the Austrian Academy of Sciences,
see http://www.kfs.oeaw.ac.at , and the group
of the Faculty of Mathematics, University of Vienna.
See http://www.univie.ac.at/NuHAG/

Following the format of past HASSIP workshops, it will be held rather
informally, with tutorials in the morning, talks and discussions during
the afternoon session. We plan to hold the schedule not to tight in
order to give participants sufficient opportunity for discussion in
smaller groups.

In order to arrange the workshop, please send your email of interest to
or use the NuhAG form at
as soon as possible. Please indicate whether you prefer:
(1) to give a tutorial (1h – 1.5h)
(2) a talk (30 – 45 min)
(3) or just want to participate
If you plan to give a talk or tutorial please also send a title and an
abstract to Peter Balazs
or use the the NuHAG form at

As the workshop is scheduled for three days only, the focus should be on
the main topic, but if time permits, other HASSIP topics are not excluded.

----      Peter Balazs      ----
---        Mathematics       ---
- Acoustics Research Institute -
- Austrian Academy of Sciences -