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Re: Measuring dB levels of sounds produced by headphones


The ER 7c (http://www.etymotic.com/pro/er7c.asp) seems to be the ideal
microphone for this.  The probe tube would ensure that you are accounting
for the ear canal acoustics and you could run these into a DAT or CD
recorder if you want to save the stimulus, then direct the signal to a SLM
with an input.  Alternatively you could use a Real Ear System for hearing
aids, but your ability to record the ear canal output SPL would be very

Best Regards,

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Dear list members,

I'd like to measure the dB levels of stimulus sounds produced by
electrostatic headphones.  I'm interested in finding the dB levels that
individuals who are presented with stimuli through headphones experience.

Thank you in advance for your advice!


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