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Job openings in hearing aid research in Denmark

Dear list members,
We at Oticon have two new positions open for PhD-level researchers. Please
bring these posts to the attention of anyone appropriate.

For the text of the advertisement see the bottom of this email, or go to:
A version more suitable for posting on physical noticeboards is available as
a PDF file. Contact me if you would like one.

With thanks (and apologies if you see this request from more than one

Graham Naylor
Oticon Research Centre
Kongevejen 243
DK-3070 Snekkersten
Tlf: +45 4829 8915
Fax: +45 4922 3629
email: gn@xxxxxxxxx

Hearing aid researchers - Eriksholm                     January 2005
Oticon, one of the world's leading hearing-aid manufacturers, is expanding
its research staff. We are now looking for two PhD-level researchers to join
our team at the Eriksholm Research Centre near Copenhagen. Eriksholm's
primary function is long-term research aimed at generating knowledge and
ideas which may form the basis of commercially viable hearing solutions in
the future.
Your profile
-You have a PhD or equivalent experience, and can document innovative
research in fields related to hearing, acoustics and signal processing.
-You wish to contribute your expertise to a field of research whose aim is
to improve the quality of life of a disadvantaged segment of the population.
-You are able to integrate your ideas with the ideas of colleagues with
various backgrounds and translate these into signal processing algorithms
either at a conceptual or a detailed level.
-You are able to challenge the way we think via constructive
interdisciplinary communication.
-You see your own ambitions being fulfilled through the pursuit of a wider
group agenda.
-You have a desire to see your ideas taken through to practical
implementation via careful communication and compromise.
-You are familiar with Matlab or similar mathematical tools.
-You have experience with research involving human subjects.
The job
-Development of new approaches to alleviating hearing problems, including
applied research to reveal new aspects of those problems.
-Design, execution and analysis of formal listening tests with
hearing-impaired listeners in complex acoustic environments, evaluating
hearing problems and possible solutions.
-Simulation of algorithm ideas in Matlab.
-Development of audio demonstrations of algorithm functionality.
-Publication of relevant work via conference presentations and journal
-Authoring of patents.
-Appropriate transfer of research results to Oticon's product development
The workplace
Oticon's Research Centre, Eriksholm, is situated in its own grounds about 40
km north of Copenhagen and Oticon's Head Office. Staff and students
totalling about 17 people cover the disciplines of audiology,
psychoacoustics, electroacoustics and DSP. Facilities include a library,
anechoic chamber, and clinical suite where standard and experimental
hearing-aid fittings are carried out on our volunteer pool of several
hundred hearing-aid users. In common with the whole Oticon organisation, we
maintain a very informal atmosphere with a minimum of hierarchy and
controls. We are international in staff and orientation, with a broad
network of contacts and interactions with academic and other research
institutions. Daily conversation is dominated by Danish, but for those who
are still learning, English is unproblematic.
Contact and application
For further information contact our Research Director:
Graham Naylor
Kongevejen 243
DK-3070 Snekkersten
Tel: +45 4829 8900
e-mail: gn@xxxxxxxxx
Send your application with CV, relevant documents and references in
electronic form to ksr@xxxxxxxxx or by post to:
Oticon A/S
Kirsten Schmidt
Strandvejen 58
DK-2900 Hellerup
Oticon is part of the William Demant Holding group, a Danish-owned company
with more than 4400 employees and a turnover of 4 billion DKK. Oticon's
products are sold in more than 100 countries and 95% of the turnover is
outside Denmark. We have more than 100 years experience and are today one of
the leaders in the hearing-aid industry. This position is achieved and
maintained through being experimenting, creative and quick to find new
solutions. We work together towards a common goal; namely to deliver the
best solutions to people who wish to hear better.