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Re: Do deaf humans (CI users) like music?

On 2 Mar 2005 at 10:27, William Cooper wrote:

> CI users who acquired deafness postlingually tend to appreciate music less
> postimplantation than before losing their hearing (Gfeller et al., 2000).

Having heard simulations of what a CI user experiences, this is no great
mystery:  The CI is only exciting maybe a dozen distinct frequency channels
at best (depending on the depth of implant insertion, remaining nerve function,
etc.).  Speech is clear enough, but music is pretty much a total loss except
for timing and general pitch regions... no resolution to the semitone level,
for example.  As you suggest, it might be wonderful if you've never heard
anything before, but it's not remotely like what a postlingually-deaf
person might rememeber.

Best regards,

Bob Masta